• AttractionAttraction1

    Substantial support system

    We have a system that not only provide academic support such as individual career consultation and regular examinations, but also supporting students’ life in Japan for them to concentrate in study.

  • AttractionAttraction2

    Teachers that are kind and helpful to improve students’ academic abilities

    All teachers at CANAAN International Education Academy are keen on research. We make use of different teaching materials aiming at improving the academic ability of students. We also give detailed guidance to each student.

  • AttractionAttraction3

    Students of international backgrounds

    Students came from various countries. With Japanese being the common language, the conversational skill as well as friendship improve significantly among students.



Learn in Tokyo.
Catch your dream in Japan.

The School is located at the center of Tokyo, being the center of politics, economics and culture of Japan. Students are thus gifted with opportunities to learn not only Japanese in class but also living Japanese around. Besides the young people areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku, there are many downtown areas nearby which are rooted with traditional Japanese culture.

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    World city

    Tokyo was ranked third in 2016 which was recognized as a city with many world attractive properties.

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    Capital of Japan

    Tokyo, being the capital of Japan, is the center of politics, economics and culture. Tokyo is also viewed as a world class city with diversified services and industries.

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    Center of culture

    Tokyo is an exciting place where new culture and traditional culture are fused.

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    Tokyo Olympics

    Tokyo was elected as the venue for the 2020 Olympic Games, attracting more and more attention from the world.

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    Downtown area

    There are Asakusa with Kaminarimon and Oshiage with Tokyo Sky Tree nearby, with various shops full of “downtown atmosphere”.

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    Easy access

    The nearest stations are JR Sobu Line Kameido Station and Toei Shinjuku Line Nishiojima Station, both of which are stations of big railway companies.


  • Support 11Academic support

    Academic support

    We provide full support to back up students, such as giving individual guidance, career consultation, and regular examinations.

  • Support 22Living support

    Living support

    For overseas students coming to Japan, we are devoted to support and can give advice concerning any problems in living or getting a part time job.

  • Support 33School dormitory

    School dormitory

    There are three locations of dormitories near the School. At such an environment with members of CANAAN International Education Academy around, you can live without worries even this is the first time living in Japan.


  • Nationality of students

    Students are mainly from East Asia such as China, Vietnam and Nepal. Especially for students from China and Vietnam, you should have no worries as there are many companions sharing the same first language. You can also make friends with people from other countries through learning Japanese as everyone’s common language.

  • Gender ratio of students

    The gender ratio is almost 50:50. You can make friends or form communities with people of different genders, generations and nationalities.

  • Career paths after graduation and their ratios

    Since CANAAN International Education Academy only has courses for students’ further education, most students go on to advanced education after graduation. In particular, many students go to university and technical school afterwards, and some students get employed in Japan while some go back to their home countries to work.


Voice of current students

  • Quiet environment where you can closely feel the Japanese culture

    Xiu, Zhang / China

    I worked in a Japanese language school in China. I decided to come to Japan as I would like to deepen my understanding of Japanese. I think Koto Ward in Tokyo, where CANAAN International Education Academy is located, is quiet despite being close to the city center, and is thus good for living and studying. Especially that I am interested in Japanese culture such as shrines and temples, this place, with Asakusa nearby, is full of “downtown atmosphere” that attracts me so much.

  • Japanese learnt at CANAAN International Education Academy is practical

    TRAN QUOC THINH / Vietnam

    I entered CANAAN International Education Academy after studying Japanese at university in Vietnam. I feel that Japanese learnt at CANAAN International Education Academy is more practical and useful for real life than that at university in Vietnam. Lecturers teach not only basic grammar but also Japanese culture and life in Japan that make me have fun in learning every day. In the future, I would like to study law at university in Japan, and have my career at the same field.

  • There are many teachers around that I can talk to

    YA MONE PHU / Myanmar

    I have a dream of being a researcher in mathematics. I got known that Japan has a good environment to conduct fundamental research of mathematics, and I enrolled in CANAAN International Education Academy for further education in graduate school. I think that CANAAN International Education Academy is very good for having teachers who are very friendly and caring. Teachers seriously offer advice to students concerning not only study and career problems but also daily matters such as worries in living in Japan. There are supports like regular interviews such that I feel comfortable and can concentrate on my studies.

  • With the class that fits my level, I can feel the growth without difficulty

    Zhi Jie, Yu / China

    I have a dream to be involved in trading between Japan and China in the future. After studying Japanese language and Japanese culture at CANAAN International Education Academy, I would like to study international trade at university to accomplish my dream. CANAAN International Education Academy is a school where I know as much about my growth. I can choose the course that matches my level, and I get extensive support from various consultations and mock examinations. I am having fun every day in knowing new friends from different countries, and can feel myself developed through friendly competition with them.

Voice of alumnus

  • Teachers at CANAAN International Education Academy are like elder brothers and sisters

    Ming Qiong, Guo / China

    I enrolled in CANAAN International Education Academy and would like to be an accountant in the future. I feel comfortable when knowing many teachers here can speak Chinese. Teachers are for sure the attractive points of CANAAN International Education Academy. Teachers at CANAAN International Education Academy are very kind and act like elder brothers and sisters whom I can talk about anything. On the other hand, teachers are very severe at classes, and they get angry when we play in class. As a result, we learnt to be serious in studying in view of the seriousness that our teachers showed us during class. I was successful in entering Toyo University, now studying management and aiming to be an accountant in the future.

  • I came to CANAAN International Education Academy to prepare for my active participation in the world

    Guang Jun, Wang / China

    I came to learn economics in this global city, Tokyo. At CANAAN International Education Academy, teachers taught not only the Japanese necessary for the examination but also the approach of taking the examination and the way of studying different subjects. I received support concerning choosing university as well as preparing the statement of purpose for the application, which became a great help for me to pass the university. After graduating from CANAAN International Education Academy, I entered Waseda University and I am working at an investment bank now. I hope that in the near future I can be capable and trusted to be responsible for global big-scaled projects.

  • Choose CANAAN International Education Academy if you aim at further education


    My dream is to work for solving poverty problems in developing countries. After graduation I studied international politics at the College of Law at Nihon University and now I am acting at a more specialized area at the graduate school in Vietnam. I was studying all the time for my two years at CANAAN International Education Academy. As CANAAN International Education Academy is a school aiming at sending students for further education, I was able to spend my days with tension and willingness to growth. Every fellow schoolmate was devoted to studying, and that’s why I am able to keep up my contacts with the classmates at CANAAN International Education Academy even after graduation.

  • At CANAAN International Education Academy, I can face challenge without worries

    MARIANTI / Indonesia

    I would like to work overseas relating to international relations, and thus came to this biggest city in Asia, Tokyo. However, it was not easy for me to live alone at a country which is far away from my home. Thanks to teachers at CANAAN International Education Academy who supported me in combating worries over my living and studying here, I was able to challenge the university examination with confidence. I am now studying at the Department of International Business at Takushoku University, and working hard to accomplish my dream.


  • It is my job to support the students’ dream!

    Akane, Yoshikawa / A・Y / General secretary

    Hello, everyone.
    CANAAN International Education Academy enrolls students from various countries including China and Vietnam.
    I think students entering our school have their own goal and dream.
    I would like to devote my utmost support to accomplish each student’s dream. Please feel free to contact me even for any trivial matters. I am waiting for your admission from the bottom of my heart!

  • Here, you can find experiences and encounters
    that cannot be learnt only with textbook.

    Shinya, Ota / S・O / Head of Academic Affairs

    Hello to everyone who is considering to study at CANAAN International Education Academy!
    You can meet teachers who are rich in life experience at our school. And you can meet students from various countries. Please grasp this opportunity to learn Japanese culture as well as the culture of the world. At CANAAN International Education Academy, I am sure you can experience a lot that cannot be learnt through textbook only. We are devoted to support any students who are determined in studying Japanese!

  • As an experienced senior of studying abroad in Japan, I am here waiting for you all.

    NGO THI HA / H・G

    Hello, everyone. I am the administrative staff who supports the student life at CANAAN International Education Academy.
    Living in a country with culture different from your own is not easy at all. I myself also spent a long time in getting used to life in Japan.
    At that time, it was my colleagues and teachers around that helped me to go through all difficulties. I would like to support you as an experienced senior regarding how to live comfortably in Japan. I sincerely look forward to meeting you.

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