The school campus is a 5-minute walk from the east exit of JR Kameido station, and a 7-minute walk from the A3 exit of Toei Shinjuku line Nishiojima station.

It has a good access to the city center, with the nearest stations at both JR Sobu line and Toei Shinjuku line. It can reach by train, Akihabara in 8 minutes, Tokyo in 20 minutes, and Shinjuku in 25 minutes.

The school campus is a 5-minute walk from the east exit of JR Kameido station, and a 7-minute walk from the A3 exit of Toei Shinjuku line Nishiojima station. 地図アプリで見る > 地図アプリで見る >



Optimal facilities and environment for learning Open campus

Classes are taught in small groups of maximum 20 students. The close relationship between students and teachers is one of the attraction points of CANAAN International Education Academy. As such, there are no partitions in the staff room and teachers are conscious of creating a communication-friendly environment.

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    Colorful classrooms

    Having different bright and colorful classrooms for each floor, such as pink, blue and green, is one of the characteristics of CANAAN International Education Academy.

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    Reception space on the first floor

    You will see the reception once entering the school. Teachers and staff can deal with your issues immediately if you have any problems.

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    Classrooms and multipurpose
    space on the 5th floor

    Multipurpose space on the top floor of the school building. It is used as a classroom or meeting room.

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    This is the library that students can use for studying. Besides Japanese language related books, there are also books on Japanese culture and traditions.

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    Staff room

    School teachers and staff are working here. The staff room is right behind the reception desk.

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    Bicycle parking space

    You can go to school by bicycle. Many students go to school by bicycle.



Comfortable environment for learning. Nature-rich city.

It is rich in nature and quiet despite being close to the center of Tokyo, and is thus popular among students as a good place to live. There are shopping facilities, restaurants and supermarkets in front of the station such that you can find no difficulty in shopping. Also, the nearby Ryoku Park is full of cherry blossoms in spring, which is one of the school’s attraction points to enjoy the Japanese sakura right before your eyes.

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    Kameidoryokudo Park / Ojimaryokudo Park

    Total length of over 1 km. It is a magnificent view that cherry blossoms bloom all over the Ryokudo park in spring.

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    Tatekawa Kasenjiki Park

    Total length of 2.5km. You can do various kinds of sports, and you can see koi in the pond.

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    Convenient stores

    With a few minute walk from the school you can find a convenient store, where you can buy not only food but also stationery.

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    A great number of restaurants

    There are plenty of restaurants where you can stop by on your way back home. You can have a taste of the unique atmosphere of those good old restaurants.

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    Kameido station

    There are many food related facilities around Kameido station, such as station building, “shopping street”, restaurants of different countries and Asian commodity shops.

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    Kinshicho station

    There are many facilities near the station to stop by, such as Yodobashi cameras, department stores, shopping centers and cinemas.

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